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Winter/Holiday 2014

Hello all...

As you can see...or shall soon see, there is a new look to the site and there will be some new information and features that will be coming along in 2015. Please stay tuned. As for my work, I am right booked up until mid-January and then will be looking into taking on more after that time.

I will be on holidays December 20 - January 20. Please keep that in mind. Thank you.

It's been a full and busy year for me with so much going on in art, clothing and other commitments. Please make sure to check out and follow my Instagram account with links in the contact page to that and much more, as well as my clothing account (IG @lehvystylest or

Big big thank you to all my clients, customers, friends and family...

...and if you're new to me, well hey, hello! Thanks for stopping by.



Summer 2014

I have been steady busy with art, fades, motorcycles and I must apologize for the lack of posts. It is exciting though, as we are revamping the site and making some major changes to the way your view the work and interact online. Stay tuned, as I look forward to sharing this all with you soon.



Fall 2013

Wow! What a summer! I've not updated my site in a while so be on the lookout in September/October for new pieces already completed and new works for sale. I've created a limited run of prints for the very first time in my career. These are great for those who want to start collecting, add to their collection or own a piece without the price on an original. I've been on my bike a lot this season as we got the club, Slouchers, up and running. I've been posting a lot on my Instagram so if you're not following me, get at me @thekidbelo. Portland has seen so much of me in 2013 that I'm now a distant local in that city. Bless! Thank you for the love everyone. Be on the look out for TKB in the future with clothing, barbering and a lot more color in my already expressive state. I'm stoked to be doing what I'm doing....

X's and O's